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Let the nature surround you…

Do you remember where you came from?

We are all a very important part of nature. This is why we find peace and rest in nature. This has been going on for centuries. The more we move away from nature and naturalness, the harder our life becomes. The appearance of the moon in the same sky gives us as much peace as the sunlight that welcomes us with the sunrise gives us energy. We love to get wet in the pouring rain, to step on the ground barefoot.


We know that each season has a different voice and color. We love the wind caressing our hair, reaching out on the grass and letting the nature taking over us. The way we love the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the song of the wind, the rain hitting the ground, sometimes even the sounds of silence… We know then that our bodies and souls are finding peace. Because we are a part of Nature. We are where we belong in nature.


For some reason, we are taught to forget everything we know, to move away from the world we belong to, and to imprison ourselves in a world we do not. And this is how we go on with our lives, with slow but sure steps away from our nature. We leave it behind and then we close in. We keep our doors closed tight. We move away from daylight and hide under artificial lights. We forget that we are a part of the nature. We spend our lives locked inside 4 walls, starve our souls, distract ourselves with new habits, and unfortunately we delude ourselves into thinking we are loving this.


We watch the falling rain from behind the windows. We watch television, we can't let go of our phones, we can't get up from the computer, and we become willing captives of technology. However, don’t we all love to sip our coffee in the light breeze and read a book we love in the quiet? What about our children? We want the best for them. But do we actually know what it is?


Now is the time to shake it off. It is time to appreciate the value of clean air and return to nature. It's time to remove chemicals from our lives and call nature to home. It's time to clean every corner of your home, from the paint you hit your wall, to the carpet you use on the floor. It's time to pay attention to what you sleep on, what wraps around your body.


The chemicals in dirt-repellent finishes and easy-to-clean products, which we think make our lives easier, continue to poison us and threaten our health. Please increase your awareness and prefer the natural. Know the value of your breathing and your health. Don't leave the nature behind. Let the rain wet you and your loved ones. Bring natural light and fresh air into your home. Remember that soap is sufficient for cleaning and you need only to open your window to get rid of bad smells.


Nature is still here for us, just let it surround you.

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