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Cookies Policy

We use cookies to make efficient use of our website and to improve your user experience. If you do not prefer to use cookies, you can delete or block cookies in your browser's settings. However, we would like to remind you that this may affect your use of our website. We will assume that you accept the use of cookies on this site, unless you change your cookie settings from your browser. You can access the regulations regarding the collected data in the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy on our website.

Cookies Used on the Website

Cookies are small text files stored by websites you visit on your device or network server via browsers.

The main purposes of using cookies on our website are to improve the services offered to you by increasing the functionality and performance of the website, to improve the website and to offer new features on the website and to personalize the features offered according to your preferences; to ensure the legal and commercial security of the website, you and our Company.

Different types of cookies are used on our website

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are used during our visitors' visit to the website and are deleted after the browser is closed.

The main purpose of using such cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the website during your visit.

Persistent cookies are types of cookies used to increase the functionality of the website and to provide a faster and better service to our visitors.

These types of cookies are used to remember your preferences and are stored on your device via browsers.

Some types of persistent cookies can be used to offer you special suggestions, taking into account matters such as your purpose of using the website.

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